I am sitting in the surgical waiting room now. Ezzy will be about five more hours in the OR. I feel, as I sit here, such tremendous support from all of you readers…it is an amazing feeling to know that there are people whose lives Esmé is touching–people who see the world a little differently now that they know her.

I am deeply humbled to look as our pageviews are rapidly approaching 10,000…to see an audience that extends further than our friends and family in the US and Canada, to people in Germany, China, the UK, France, Russia, Australia, Ukraine, Sweden, Malaysia, and Israel.

I know who some of you are…but certainly not all of you. And I would like to get to know you all better…and to thank you for your loyal blog reading.

So, Ezzy and I have conspired on a celebration of our upcoming 10,000th pageview…we are offering two exciting giveaways:

1. We will be sponsoring a superhero cape for a child at tinysuperheroes in the name of one lucky reader. You will recall Ezzy was honored with a superhero cape in February and she would like to share the love with another tiny superhero in your name!

2. We are also offering a little The Cute Syndrome Love with an original piece of Ezzy <3s Art made especially for you by Ezzy! (Unfortunately I can only offer this giveaway to folks in the US).

In order to be entered to win one of these items, please “follow” the blog, by clicking “join this site” in the upper left corner and make comment below with your location (state/province and country) and your favorite blog post.

Get your comments in quickly because I will pick two winners (with a random number generator) as soon as we hit 10,000 views–and I anticipate hitting 10,000 in the next two or three days!

Thank you all!


  • I love your blog. You are helping so many families with your knowledge and positive attitude! I seldom respond on the blog page, but have to for the prizes!!! I will happily donate the superheroes cape to a tiny superhero! But the Ezzy's artwork, will be cherished and given a place of honor. My thoughts and prayers are always with your family as you move forward in this incredible journey! I have no doubt you will reach your 10,000th view in no time! <3

  • Original Ezzy art? Duh! I have a gloriously empty spot on my fridge 🙂 I think my fave post is actually the one you just put up from the ICU as Ezzy is recovering. All of your posts are well thought out and articulate and thought-provoking. But the one you just put up is such an honest peek into the bond between you and Ez, and the way your feelings come across so viscerally is really moving.

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