Something pretty exciting has been going on here. It has to do with words. I’m certain that I will be posting quite a bit about words over the next little bit…but for now, I would like to start with two words: Yes and No.

We have been using Yes and No cards with Esmé to permit her to make some more choices in the moment. For about a week they have been a prop for her to respond to questions like: “Ez do you want to watch a show?” Yes. “Do you want Small Potatoes?” No. “Yo Gabba Gabba?” Yes. “What episode? Big?” No. “Animals?” Yes.

But Sunday night things got a bit more creative. Ezzy’s papa got the cards out while they were watching Yo Gabba Gabba tonight and asked Ez questions about the characters. “Is Plex green?” No. “Is he yellow?” Yes. “Is Foofa pink?” Yes. And so on…
I tried really hard to contain my excitement, but the list of questions I have for her just keeps multiplying in my head. Do you dream? Do you know I love you? Do you love letters? Do you like going to school? Do you have a best friend? Do you have a favorite Yo Gabba Gabba friend? A favorite Small Potato? Do you want a big girl bed?
But instead I asked, “Is papa a little girl?” Giggles. No. “Is papa a big girl?” No. “Is papa a boy?” Yes. “Is maman a girl?” Yes.

This conversation amazed me…not so much because of her knowledge but because of her fluency. She grabbed each card assertively, certain both of the answer as well as the action necessary to communicate that answer. Other attempts at communication have managed to get stalled somewhere between her processing a question, coming up with a response, and clearly completing the action associated with communicating that response. We’ve used cards with pictures on them and they have baffled her. We’ve responded to head nods and shakes, but sometimes she seemed unable to carry out the motion. But the words, she seems to so clearly recognize and respond to the words…Yes and No.

Not wanting to tire her out, but eager to move on to those getting to know you questions, I asked, “Ezzy, can I please ask you another question?” No. “Are you sure?” Yes.

So, I guess I’ll just have to wait a little bit longer.


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