I wanted to let all of my readers know that there is some exciting news about Esmé up on the New York Times parenting blog, Motherlode!

You should all check it out!


  • Hi Hillary, my son now 18 has complex needs (microdeletion 17q21.31) and has no verbal speech. it was clear age two he could recognize word shapes eg selecting certain videos. he would point out words in books to request eg finding the word "sausages". I also used flash cards and fortunatley some private teachers working with him also recognized his abilities…today his literacy levels are higher than other levels. he uses an ipad running Grid2 largely using the keyboard grid to talk and speak about his day, requests, comments, even jokes. He cannot hold a pencil or write on paper but he can type and spell hundreds of words. Keep up the good work – look at AAC apps running on ipad.

  • Hi Natasha! It is so wonderful that you were able to discover your son's amazing skills–and to find people to help support him. We've tried with an iPad as well…but Ezzy's motor skills are still lacking (courtesy of her poor tone and movement disorder) so she can sometimes select between two or three things by hand but it is a struggle. She's also very good with eye gaze devices (but we don't have our own yet). Thanks for commenting! I wish you and your son continued successes!

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