On the Border: Finish the Sentence Friday

February 24, 2017My Story 6 Comments

Some days I live on the border between my daughter and myself—reaching across, hoping to grab ahold of her, to understand. Some days I am certain I will never understand. *** I stood at the places that remain of the wall in Berlin. It was only in standing there that I understood that what we … Read More

Fire Alarm: Burning Anger and 45

February 10, 2017My Story 5 Comments

I am on fire. I leap forward immediately, pulling my pants off in one fast gesture, screaming, “No, no, no.” I yell out other words I cannot remember beyond the taste of them in my mouth, the feeling of them spewing out without my permission, without any conscious thought. I look toward Esmé, who remains … Read More

2016 In Review: Burns, Losses, and Magic

January 13, 2017Advocacy 2 Comments

Over the last few months I haven’t written here nearly as much as I promised myself I would—for a thousand reasons. It isn’t that I haven’t been writing. I’ve just been writing elsewhere…sometimes very publicly and sometimes working on the private words I’m not sure if I’ll ever let out of my computer. As I … Read More

Cocktails: Gin, Bourbon, Strega, Oh My!

October 5, 2016Cocktail 3 Comments

I haven’t written here about cocktails in awhile, which is a real pity, considering how much I enjoy writing about cocktails. But don’t you worry, just because I haven’t been writing about cocktails lately doesn’t mean that I haven’t been studying up, expanding my palate (and my home bar). Since my last booze-inspired post, I … Read More


August 4, 2016My Story 11 Comments

This week I was tasked to write about blessings. Normally I feel like I’d have very little trouble writing about this topic. I’d sit and think about the weight of Esmé in my arms at night as she drifts off to sleep over my shoulder. And somehow, I’d leap from there, finding myself wrapping the … Read More

I see ripples when…

July 21, 2016Advocacy 25 Comments

I never thought I was a writer. And yet, here I am. This week I published words that terrified me…terrified and thrilled me. I’ve never felt as much or as little of a writer as I do right now, typing these words. *** When I was 15 my history teacher and met to review a … Read More