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I am Hillary. I’m a lot of things: a PhD, a writer, rare disease community engagement consultant, a non-profit founder, a mixer of oddball cocktails...But most importantly? I am the mom of a ridiculously fun, goofy, determined, and super cute little girl named Esmé. Esmé is my best buddy, my muse, and my teacher. Esmé is also medically-fragile, developmentally-delayed, and a bit of a scientific mystery. Since becoming Esmé's mother I have devoted myself to trying to improve the lives of children like Esmé through storytelling, education, advocacy, and medical research.

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“Ms. Savoie eloquently brings the reader along in the search for her daughter’s diagnosis. Despite the personal nature of the journey, she has been able to take a step back, objectively contemplating the impact of the emerging genetic field on the future of medicine, while simultaneously inviting the reader along on a very personal journey that ends with a surprising realization.”

Sunshine Wagner, DPT – Praise for Around and Into the Unknown

“Moving, witty and totally riveting – hits a sweet spot between science and family that Radiolab listeners will love. Perfect summer read (just make sure you have your kleenex close by!)”

Channing Rodman – Praise for Around and Into the Unknown


If you want to talk about cocktails, my questionable boxing skills, or just tell me abut how adorable my daughter is, I'd be thrilled to hear from you.

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