Bitch, Please.

March 24, 2013

So there is a picture quote on facebook that is circulating that has been cracking me up.You can see it here.Basically the top is a picture of the little boy from the Sixth Sense looking all nervous and cry-y. It says “I see dead people.” Below is a picture of the boy (Carl) from The … Read More

Game Changer

March 21, 2013Special Needs Child 2 Comments

So, those of you who are really observant might have noticed the change in our subtitle here at The Cute Syndrome. Strictly speaking, Esmé is no longer undiagnosed. Now, its gonna get a little dense, but promise me you will read through to the end, ok? Like everything with my beautiful girl, that notion of … Read More

One of Our Giveaway Winners

March 20, 2013Uncategorized 1 Comment

So, as many of  you know, pcjoni won one of our two giveaways: The Ezzy <3s Art Giveaway. I thought all of you might like to see a picture of what Ezzy made for pcjoni. It is two of Ezzy’s adorable handprints and a quote that says:  “I am not afraid of storms, for I am … Read More

Weight Update

March 18, 2013Uncategorized

So, I have been pretty quiet about my quest to loose weight (while getting Ezzy to gain weight). This primarily because since announcing my intention to loose 30 pounds I have lost and regained the same five pounds over and over. I would drop some weight when Ez was doing well and I could get … Read More

Somebody reset the seizure tracker

March 18, 2013Special Needs Child 1 Comment

So, my brain has been programed to run as a seizure tracker. I always know how long it’s been. Even when I think I don’t know, my “guess” is always almost exactly right. I am just programmed this way. Last seizure-free stint was 37 days. Well, we are finally calling this one at 52 days … Read More

10 Days in Photos

March 15, 2013Special Needs Child 1 Comment

March 1: The day of the Alleged Surgery March 3: The night before the Actual Surgery March 4: Surgical ICU March 6: Still hanging in the ICU March 7: Feeling ready to go home…after this nap March 9: Hanging on my belly March 11: Ready to make some art for pcjoni! March 13: Somebody said … Read More


March 13, 2013Special Needs Child

This post is one that has been brewing for a long time. In many ways it is the post I have been working on the longest–perhaps even before The Cute Syndrome existed. The problem is that in facing this issue of negativity, I run the risk of falling into the same behaviors I am trying … Read More

Back to Basics

March 11, 2013Special Needs Child 2 Comments

We are home. We finally made it–through a snow storm–on Friday. Watching Ez play on the floor of our living room on Friday night was such a beautiful sight. Our hope with this surgery was that we could get back to basics with Ezzy. You see, all this time we have been playing catch-up with … Read More

Going Home: A Quick Update

March 8, 2013Special Needs Child

The plan is that today we will bring Ezzy home. They will discharge us straight from the ICU. It is sort of funny…I am usually chomping at the bit to get her home, and I feel almost silly still being in ICU with her at this point–she is really doing remarkably well, honestly. But I … Read More

The Giraffes Are Coming

March 7, 2013 1 Comment

In our house we have a running joke about Ezzy and her giraffes. I’m not certain exactly how it started, but somehow Ezzy wound up with a number of giraffe toys. Of course there was the Sophie the Giraffe that every baby these days has. Sophie was special because she was one of the first … Read More