Watch Ask Esmé’s Mom, Episode 13: Let Us Talk

Do you have a question for Esmé’s Mom?

I am asking for your help: I want to hear your questions about being Esmé’s mom, about our experience with disability or about parenting, in general. You can ask me about what goes on in my head when I smile at the stranger telling me that “God only gives you…” Or about the best cocktails to mix when prepping for an IEP meeting. Or why do you get so angry about someone just idling in the accessible parking spot for a minute?

And I want to try to answer those questions.

You can ask me the tough questions, the weird questions, the sad questions. You can do so anonymously, if you like, through the form below. I’ll answer what I can, as honestly as I can.

And keep an eye out for answers to come.