In Motion: Rivers, Trains, and Wheelchairs

June 16, 2018My Story 13 Comments

We Roll Sorting through old videos, I spy toddler Esmé. As I watch, I find myself freezing, my own muscles tensing as I watch her move. On the screen 18-month-old Esmé, who couldn’t sit up unsupported, rolls in slow motion, her will overpowering her uncooperative body. At some point she started traveling across the expanse … Read More

Dear Esmé’s Mom: The Things You’re Afraid to Ask

June 7, 2018My Story 2 Comments

Learning to Ask Questions Over the years of being Esmé’s mom, writing about our family’s life here and elsewhere, and joining communities of writers, parents, and those touched by disability, I have learned a lot. The lessons are too many to expound upon here, now. However, I do want to focus on one of these … Read More

10 Ways I Do It

May 10, 2018My Story 12 Comments

This week for Finish the Sentence Friday, I was tasked with writing about 10 things most people don’t know about me. Since I have made it a habit to write about my life on the internet, there isn’t a whole lot about me that I want people to know that I haven’t already written about… … Read More

This Year

December 28, 2017My Story 14 Comments

I hold up a pair of pants in front of Esmé. “Do you like these, Ez?” She looks at them for a beat, places her hands on her wheels, turning just slightly away from me (and the pants), and pronounces, clear as a bell, “Ah, dunt.” I don’t. Moments later, she repeats the scene with … Read More