Surprise! I can find the giraffe, Ma!

June 25, 2013Uncategorized 2 Comments

Life with Esmé is nothing if not filled with surprises. Sometimes they are rough…like the phone call I got two nights ago while my darling hubby and I were out on our first date in maybe six months. The call was basically that she was seizing, blue, not breathing and that 911 was being called. … Read More

Catch the CUTE and pass it on

June 22, 2013Uncategorized

I haven’t written much lately. I assure you there are several posts brewing in my head. Until I get those out into the world…I leave you with this photo of the great joy we get to see on Ezzy’s face.


June 13, 2013Uncategorized 2 Comments

Over the last few years I have had some pretty frustrating experiences in with Ez Target. It is, more likely than not, because we spend an embarrassing amount of time there…but it also seems that we attract more attention there for some reason. I try to be patient with the little old ladies who want … Read More

A Break

June 3, 2013Uncategorized 1 Comment

I have been needing a break for awhile. The last six months two and a half years have been really rough. Since Ezzy was born 29 months ago I have spent three nights away from her. I was away for two to travel for a conference I hoped would help land me a job (that I … Read More

One of Our Giveaway Winners

March 20, 2013Uncategorized 1 Comment

So, as many of  you know, pcjoni won one of our two giveaways: The Ezzy <3s Art Giveaway. I thought all of you might like to see a picture of what Ezzy made for pcjoni. It is two of Ezzy’s adorable handprints and a quote that says:  “I am not afraid of storms, for I am … Read More

Weight Update

March 18, 2013Uncategorized

So, I have been pretty quiet about my quest to loose weight (while getting Ezzy to gain weight). This primarily because since announcing my intention to loose 30 pounds I have lost and regained the same five pounds over and over. I would drop some weight when Ez was doing well and I could get … Read More

10,000th Pageview Winners!

March 5, 2013Uncategorized 1 Comment

We hit 10,000 views very early this morning–far faster than I had anticipated. Thank you all for your support! Since we didn’t have anyone who both commented on the giveaway post AND followed the blog, I am going to offer one item to a “follower” and the other to a “commenter” to be fair! Congratulations … Read More

Weight Loss

December 9, 2012Uncategorized

I need to lose some weight. Really. That baby weight never fully went away…and whether it is the fact that I am not chasing after Ezzy, or because I am a stress-case so much of the time, I am not really sure. But the fact remains: I need to get in better shape…to feel better … Read More


September 26, 2012Uncategorized 1 Comment

Well, aren’t I a goddamned idiot? I knew it. I posted about the relief in seizure activity. And guess what happened this morning? Bingo. And then again in the car midday. And then six more times just to make it clear what happens when I open my big fat mouth… It seemed so strange, like … Read More