The L Train

April 20, 2016Cocktail

  Is it just me or have things been getting WAY too serious around here? Anybody else need a drink?   Ok…so I may have already started without all of you. Let me introduce you to my friend the “L Train.” So the name is kind of embarrassing…but (1) I didn’t name it. And (2) … Read More

A conversation with my daughter

April 14, 2016Special Needs Child 8 Comments

Esmé is making some great gains these days–I wrote about some of them last week–and, you know, it is just unbelievable to watch. I feel as if all the time these days I am wiping tears from my eyes and lifting my jaw off the floor. Today one of these moments happened as I was … Read More

Help, I do it

April 7, 2016Advocacy 6 Comments

I have written a number of times about how difficult I find it that I cannot understand the verbalizations Esmé makes. I do struggle with it, daily. I want so badly to hear her voice, to understand her. And while I feel very deeply that I understand Esmé better than I have ever understood another … Read More

Old Wild Bill Turns 70

April 4, 2016My Story

  My father and me mowing the lawn in 1983 A few days ago, when I shared my recipe for the Lemon Lavender Gin Fizz, I mentioned that it was my father’s 70th birthday. I am sort of blown away by this milestone. I suppose part of my feelings of awe around it have to do … Read More

National Doctors’ Day

March 30, 2016

Today, March 30th, is national Doctors’ Day. We have met a lot of doctors over the last five years…way more doctors than I’d ever wish to have to know. Between what amounts to probably 30 different specialists over the years, plus those who worked on her various surgeries and procedures, plus those who we meet … Read More

Lavender Lemon Gin Fizz

March 24, 2016Cocktail, Uncategorized 2 Comments

    Since Esmé’s day time caregiver is off for several weeks and there is no one to fill in for her except for a few hours here and there, I am in full-on caregiver, preschool, I’m lucky if I get to shower today (let alone exercise or write) mode until the end of April. … Read More

Never going to sleep

March 24, 2016 5 Comments

Esmé has asked that I share the following letter with the Cute Syndrome Blog readers. She has dictated this letter, which is addressed to me, via mental telepathy, body language, and word approximations that amount to “maman, noooo, no, ma, dada, nah nah nah.” She expects that I will share the letter with all of … Read More

On Reality and Magic

March 22, 2016My Story

      A few weeks ago I wrote a post on the Cute Syndrome Blog about my relationship with the “magic” ring I have in my life. I didn’t come out and say it exactly, but at the core the piece was about how magical thinking can help draw our attention to the gifts … Read More