Cocktails: Gin, Bourbon, Strega, Oh My!

October 5, 2016Cocktail 3 Comments

I haven’t written here about cocktails in awhile, which is a real pity, considering how much I enjoy writing about cocktails. But don’t you worry, just because I haven’t been writing about cocktails lately doesn’t mean that I haven’t been studying up, expanding my palate (and my home bar). Since my last booze-inspired post, I … Read More

The Bee’s Knees

June 17, 2016Cocktail

  I hadn’t mixed a drink since we returned home from Hole in the Wall Gang Camp almost two weeks ago. I was just a bit too tired to get cocktail creative, I guess. But a few nights ago the evening seemed to be calling for a drink. I had a new bottle of Old … Read More

Lilac Love: A Gin and Lilac Simple Syrup Cocktail

May 18, 2016Cocktail

Every spring I can’t wait for the lilacs to bloom. It is a thing for me–a sign that spring is truly here. It always seems as if the smell of lilacs can animate a place. It is as if the yard feels flat and incomplete until it fills up with lilac fragrance. Then, and only … Read More

Have Cocktail Case, Will Travel

May 13, 2016Cocktail

Once, a long long time ago…last weekend…my mother gave me a vintage traveling cocktail set. The gift really blew my mind. Mom said, “I thought you could use it as a prop in some of your photos. I doubt you can use it for actually mixing.” To which I replied, “Nay, mother, nay. I shall … Read More

Violet Sour

May 2, 2016Cocktail

There are violets growing all over my yard right now. Seeing them reminded me of the candied violets my mother and father brought back from the trip they took to Paris when I was five. (Interestingly, my mom won this trip in a Meryl Streep look-alike contest…true story. They look eerily much alike.) Back to … Read More

Shrubby Lemonade Spritzer

April 26, 2016Cocktail

    I picked up a new set of glasses at a lovely little antique store in Cambridge, NY over the weekend. I saw the glasses in the case and proceeded to walk distractedly around the store planning the drinks I could serve in them. I figured this must be a sign that the glasses … Read More

The L Train

April 20, 2016Cocktail

  Is it just me or have things been getting WAY too serious around here? Anybody else need a drink?   Ok…so I may have already started without all of you. Let me introduce you to my friend the “L Train.” So the name is kind of embarrassing…but (1) I didn’t name it. And (2) … Read More

Lavender Lemon Gin Fizz

March 24, 2016Cocktail, Uncategorized 2 Comments

    Since Esmé’s day time caregiver is off for several weeks and there is no one to fill in for her except for a few hours here and there, I am in full-on caregiver, preschool, I’m lucky if I get to shower today (let alone exercise or write) mode until the end of April. … Read More

Ginger Root

March 16, 2016Cocktail, Uncategorized 1 Comment

    My obsession with mixing unusual cocktails started last summer when we were over-run with basil, so I was using it in everything I could think of–and eventually it made its way into a delightful little purple gin and tonic that I started mixing with Hendrick’s Gin, St Germain, Thai basil, and, well, you … Read More