Have Vintage Cocktail Case, Will Travel Hillary Savoie

Once, a long long time ago…last weekend…my mother gave me a vintage traveling cocktail set. The gift really blew my mind.

Mom said, “I thought you could use it as a prop in some of your photos. I doubt you can use it for actually mixing.” To which I replied, “Nay, mother, nay. I shall use this delightful piece of cocktail luggage during all of my worldly travels.” 

Despite the fact that “all of my worldly travels” pretty much sums up to multiple daily trips to the closest Target and walks around my backyard, I was pretty inspired by my new boozy case and I got to thinking: I no longer need suffer mediocre cocktails…or, worse, beer.

And you need not either…

Falling asleep at a boring party whilst partaking in warm Chardonnay? Shelling out at an expensive bar serving apparently inspired, but actually awful cocktails? Arrive somewhere serving cheap beer in red cups? Fear not…

I’ll be right there.

Have Vintage Cocktail Case, Will Travel Hillary Savoie