Ginger Root Cocktail Recipe with Art in the Age Root 

My obsession with mixing unusual cocktails started last summer when we were over-run with basil, so I was using it in everything I could think of–and eventually it made its way into a delightful little purple gin and tonic that I started mixing with Hendrick’s Gin, St Germain, Thai basil, and, well, you know, tonic. This drink sparked a whole series of summer-y herb-inspired drinks that were pretty amazing. I wrote down zero recipes, however, having assured myself that there was no way I would forget this recipe!

Because that never happens. Especially when enjoying a cocktail.

When fall rolled around and the last of my basil was gone I worried that I would be cocktail-less until mid-spring. But, thankfully, I was able to set my mind toward new drink endeavors, which were pretty great too.

Yeah. I didn’t write those down either.

So, I am going to remedy the situation and share my successful (and possibly some of the not-so-successful) recipes here.

Up first? The Ginger Root. It is easy and absolutely yummy. 

Ginger Root Cocktail Recipe with Art in the Age Root

This drink has three elements (well four if you want to get fancy and add a garnish or whatever).

Element 1: Copper Moscow Mule Mugs
Chill these beauties in the freezer so they will keep your lovely drink nice and cool.

Element 2: Root, from Art in the Age
An 80-proof sassafras, sarsaparilla, and birch bark-based delight.

Element 3: Ginger beer
Not ginger ale, mind you. I used Saranac ginger beer.

The first time I made the Ginger Root I found it a wee bit strong. Not that I am complaining or anything because it tasted great, but the drink hit me a bit strong after the fact. So the second time I poured 6ozs of ginger beer and 1.5 ounces of Root over three ice cubes (I like the medium cube, cubes…they melt at a nice rate) in the pre-chilled mugs.

Then I…wait for it…stirred the drink. With a bar spoon…but, pro tip, really most stirring apparatus (I wish so badly the plural of this word would be apparati…why is life so disapointing?) will do.

If you’ve got company and want to get fancy you can always add a slice of ginger. But I’m sort of meh about it in this case. I prefer the thing to just be simple.

Serve with food, while wearing a warm sweater, and, ideally, no pants.

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