What Ezzy Does

September 2, 2015Advocacy, Special Needs Child 8 Comments

So many of you read about Ezzy every week. But as I was drafting a post today about some of the things Ezzy is doing, I realized how short my words fall in explaining her amazing abilities. Those of you who follow my writing about her know her in a very special way–through my eyes, … Read More

My Biggest Fear

August 27, 2015Advocacy, Special Needs Child 9 Comments

The receptionist on the telephone is helpful as I try desperately to align my schedule with their availability. Scheduling appointments is never easy for me. Esmé’s therapies, her ever-changing daytime caregiver schedule, and my own obligations leave these tiny little cracks where I just might be able to squeeze in something to take care of … Read More

Um, no.

August 20, 2015Advocacy, Special Needs Child 10 Comments

Today I want to talk a bit about sensitivity. I want to write about how sharing the world with other humans requires that we think about how our actions, our words, our postures impact the people around us. This is true of all people, all people are deserving of the thoughtful attention of the people … Read More

Summer camp

August 13, 2015Special Needs Child 3 Comments

On Tuesday Ezzy went to the summer camp program at the independent school she visits once a week. We’ve missed a number of camp days due to trips to Boston, a few days of sickness that I worried might be viral, and days that it was just too hot for her to play outside. But … Read More

My Gift

July 5, 2015Advocacy, Special Needs Child 8 Comments

Yesterday I read a post written by a fellow contributor to The Mighty, Laurie Arnold, “When My Mom Asks ‘Why, God?’ About My Child With Special Needs.” The post just floored me. Please go to read the original post on her blog, I’m Julia’s Mom, or The Mighty, but the crux of it has to do … Read More


July 2, 2015Advocacy, Special Needs Child

My second short book, Whoosh, will be coming out on July 15th. It is currently available for preorder through Amazon. It will also be available as part of the six-story paperback and e-book compilation, 6 of 1 Childhood, released by Ponies + Horses Books. This story has not been an easy one for me to … Read More


June 25, 2015Special Needs Child 20 Comments

On Tuesday Ez and I had a bit of a rough day. I was not feeling myself and neither was she. Ez is on a two-week summer break from therapies and our nurse was out, so our day was spent at a much slower than usual pace. Since we’ve started Esmé’s new nighttime sleep routine … Read More