Happy Fall!

November 18, 2015Special Needs Child 13 Comments

Ez has had another one of her mysterious Esmé sicknesses for the last few weeks. I find it a bit difficult to know exactly when to even publicly mention these illnesses since they seem to linger on and on just at the edge of turning into something that I can fairly say is proper sickness, … Read More

Halloween 2015

October 31, 2015Special Needs Child 14 Comments

Since Esmé can’t tell us what she wants to dress up as for Halloween–and since she has rather stringent requirements for her costumes so that her sensory and physical needs can be met–every year I try to think about a person to dress Ez up as, someone that I feel fits Esmé’s personality and that somehow … Read More

The Farm

October 28, 2015Advocacy, Special Needs Child 4 Comments

As I am sure those of you who follow this blog know, we have had some holes in our nursing care over the last few weeks/months. And it has been hard on all of us. Ezzy misses her former caregivers, and all of our schedules have been turned upside down. I feel as though we … Read More

On The Playground

October 21, 2015Advocacy, Special Needs Child 7 Comments

A lot of parents worry about their children making friends on the playground. It is easy to call up images of our children being left out, to imagine them lonely and confused while the other kids play happily out of their reach.  As the mother of a child who has developmental delay, it would make … Read More


October 14, 2015Special Needs Child 6 Comments

Once again, dear readers, I give you Esmé’s thoughts as communicated to me via mental telepathy. Hello TSCBlog readers,  Ezzy here! I wanted to write to all of you about a very important topic. It is one regarding which we have received several questions. I have wanted to address these questions for some time, however, … Read More

We’re Growing

October 6, 2015Special Needs Child 1 Comment

I was planning on writing this morning about how much Ez has grown. I had planned out a chipper blog post about the piles of pants I’ve begun pulling out of Esmé’s drawers because they no longer fit–some that had that fit her for over two years. I planned on telling all of you about … Read More

Esmé Writes to Yo Gabba Gabba

October 1, 2015Special Needs Child 6 Comments

Esmé has asked me to relay the following complaint as an open letter to the producers of Yo Gabba Gabba, her favorite television show. I have written my own thoughts on the show–especially the episode Baby. But below I will do my best to interpret Esmé’s thoughts transmitted to me via cries, whines, a lot … Read More

Our Caregivers

September 23, 2015Special Needs Child 5 Comments

The last few months have been really difficult from a caretaker perspective. There have been a number of changes including the loss of two long-time nurses just over a month apart. Ezzy’s daytime non-nurse caregiver has also had to reduce her hours with the start of the school year. All of this has meant that … Read More

Who is this kid?

September 17, 2015Special Needs Child 3 Comments

Does anyone know who this is, because I barely recognize her. It isn’t that she is standing at the window. She’s done that for some time now–especially when she is bored with me and hoping for a visiter to show up. It is her stance–her strong legs, her bent knees. Until recently Ez often hyperextended … Read More

Why we need to talk.

September 11, 2015Advocacy, Special Needs Child 12 Comments

The pretty little girl on the playground looks back at me, “Why isn’t she talking?” She asks glancing back at Esmé–who is scooting around in her gait trainer, trailed by several other curious children. “Esmé doesn’t talk yet, but she understands you.” I say smiling back at her. “Oh,” She says, fully turning away from … Read More