Hillary Savoie at The Cute Syndrome Foundation SCN8A Epilepsy Meeting (photo credit Ryan Collerd)


Supporting children and families living with SCN8A Epilepsy

Hillary founded the Cute Syndrome Foundation (TCSF) in 2013 after her daughter Esmé was diagnosed with the first of four genetic mutations. The Cute Syndrome Foundation raises awareness of SCN8A mutations, funds the dedicated and talented scientists researching SCN8A, and supports the families around the world who are affected by this disorder. The Cute Syndrome Foundation also has a history of funding PCDH19 research. Watch the videos below  of Hillary and her foundation partner, Juliann Bradish, speak at the Cute Syndrome Foundation's annual SCN8A Clinician, Researcher, and Family Gathering.

Learn more about The Cute Syndrome Foundation here...

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