Does anyone know who this is, because I barely recognize her.

It isn’t that she is standing at the window. She’s done that for some time now–especially when she is bored with me and hoping for a visiter to show up. It is her stance–her strong legs, her bent knees.

Until recently Ez often hyperextended one or both knees all the time in order to keep herself upright. Like this:

It can work in a pinch to keep her standing, but it isn’t very stable and it isn’t a position from which she can work toward standing without support or taking steps. It takes a lot of work to stand with knees bent somewhat (think about squatting), but I have been working on it with her by having her stand between my bent legs while I sit on the floor and hold her knees in a slightly bent position. This way she can hold on to or lean on me and work those muscles more than in a hyperextended standing position. I think it is paying off. Just take a look at those balanced strong legs!

But don’t worry, that bendy knee is still there! 

I cannot explain where this recent burst of strength and power is coming from. It seems particularly odd because she has been running a fever again that I think may have to do with kidney stones and seems to be often irritable and tired (despite sleeping a good amount). But lately I find myself watching her–the elegance and control that is appearing in her movements and her postures, a side effect of her amazing determination, in complete awe. Of course, a few seconds after I took this photo she turned herself around looked at me while casually leaning into the windowsill, legs crossed at her ankles. She looked for a moment like she might stand on her own or even maybe step toward me. But, instead, her twisted legs gave out and she fell to the floor like twisting tree.She cried briefly in my arms. We snuggled and hugged. And then she wiggled out of my lap and stood herself right back up at the coffee table. That’s my girl!


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