Ok, last night I had a bit of a melt-down…well, at least in my head. Ezzy was in my arms so I had to hold it together.
There is a beautiful little girl out there who was born the same day as Ez. She is lovely and smart and quick to do oh so much. Because of her birthday her milestones always force me to see Ezzy in a different way.
Two days ago, this lovely girl moved into a big girl bed. I took one look at the picture and gasped, holding back tears.

Now, I am not trying to diminish AT ALL this little girl’s accomplishment in getting into a big girl bed…and I love that we can share these kinds of details on facebook and the like. I love seeing her grow and change and achieve. And hope my friend, if she is reading this, knows that I want her to continue to share lots and lots!

But moments like this can make me feel as though I have been punched in the gut…not BY anyone…well, I guess by the gods. It just makes me realize the difference: My daughter is so very far from being able to be in a big girl bed. She would roll right off. She can’t sit. She can’t come close to standing on her own, and she certainly can’t walk over to and jump onto a bed.

It’s okay. We are, all of us, different. And even children without developmental disabilities do things at vastly different ages. I’m certain that there are plenty of 21 month old children who are not ready for big kid beds. But I guess I was just feeling defeated…and scared about all the unknown.

Then yesterday night my daughter did something kind of miraculous: She pooped on her little potty.

In fact, I am pretty certain she tried to tell me she had to go…I put her on there, read her a book, and Ta-da! Poop. She is quite pleased with herself.

Crazy, right?

Her nurse and I had just been talking about the fact that she often holds her bladder for most of the night. Her nurse thought this might be a sign that she was ready to potty train. I thought that it was true in theory but could not see how it would work in practice…She can’t sit on the little potty without lots of support. And then, the third time ever that I put her on there off she goes!
Clearly, my daughter is super advanced.

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  • She IS advanced. Seriously, that's amazing! Callum is light years away from being ready for either pooping on the potty OR sleeping in a big-boy bed.

    I try to maintain the perspective that it doesn't matter WHEN they start doing things; what matters is just that they are progressing and growing. Which Ezzy clearly is–pooping on the potty! And working toward communicating via iPad! That girl is a champion for sure.

    But I know, it's hard to maintain that attitude, whether you have concerns about your child's development or not. The meltdown is totally, completely understandable. But I am glad to hear that Ezzy is pleased with herself. Because she should be! xo.

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