The Cute's Spring Style Guide

I get a lot of requests from friends to do posts on Ezzy’s fashion and hair, because, let’s be honest, the kid is a sharp dresser. Yesterday she and I spent a particularly lovely spring day together. As usual I spent some time snapping photos of our time together–and it just so happens that I managed to capture a few of her top style tips. So, I thought I’d share them with all of you.

Matchy…but not too matchy

The Cute in her red wheelchair

Esmé’s wheelchair is bright red. And she is in it almost all of the time when we are out of the house. So Esmé thinks of it as part of her ensemble. She likes to wear bold color-blocked outer layers to stand up to the red. She is always saying stuff, you know telepathically, like “I am not going to be upstaged by my chair.” and “It is a powerful presence, but so am I.” As you can see–since she is responding to an important email from one of the Small Potatoes–her phone case is also right there in the bold red-to-orange palette.

Maman, the accessory

Mothers make necessary accessories

Many people are under the misconception that Esmé is only in charge of her own look–but she is also heavily involved in dressing me, primarily because we are so often seen together and so she sees me as a necessary accessory. Many days she selects distressed girlfriend jeans, black and white sweater, and little black slip on sneakers–saying “Maman, you won’t totally embarrass me in these.”

Patterns atop patterns

Mixing up patterns

Yesterday Esmé planned that we would both sport stripes with a second pattern. The selection she made for me was far less bold than her own hidden stripe and arrow ‘kerchief look, which she called “summer camp chic.”

Messy hair, don’t care

Messy Hair Don't Care

Esmé’s hair is a huge part of her look–it has been since day one when she arrived on the scene sporting a short look with two long curly payos. A bold statement for her debut. Her current styles can range from perfect volume to funky curls to hip half up-dos to child who has just been discovered living with wolves. Esmé is very picky about her hair and often will roll around on the floor until the whole thing is just right…carpet dreadlocks and all. She prefers my hair to be in a single or double braid, which she will yank on until it looks just right.

Fierce basics

Basic jeans and sneakers that are anything but basic

Ez is always going on and on about how important the perfect daily-wear jeans and shoes are…for her these closet staples are not-your-average jeans and shoes. She loves these stretchy acid-washed jeans…which she proudly worked on for some time to wear a hole into the knee. She feels this is a far cooler look than the pre-distressed denim available these days. And her go-to shoe for comfort, style, and discoverability (when *someone* removes her shoe and sends it flying) are these pink Nikes. They are the most coveted item in her wardrobe.

And, last but not least: Always be yourself–unless you can be Esmé…

No explanation needed.

The Cute's Spring Style Guide

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