Of course you have all seen the Mr. Roger’s quotes circulating on facebook about looking for helpers in tragedy.

Sure it’s a bit cliché.

But the thing is that it is true. You see, when the unimaginable happens you can focus on that–on how everything is different. On how it is too scary to be in the world. Or you can look for people doing what so many people do in this world: make it a bit better through kind words, thoughtful acts, and, sometimes, with heroic acts that defy logic.

It is what I think about every day with Esmé…how people–regular people–study for years to be the Kick-Ass Laparoscopic Robot Surgeon just to save some child they’ve never met recovery time, abdominal strength, and complications. Some people devote their lives to advocating for children they never see. Some people focus on making sick children laugh, sing, and dance.

And some people live through an explosion and run in to help whoever they can, however they can. I’d like to think that this is the natural way for a person to be, but I am not sure. I think it is part humanity and instinct, but it must also be something that we nurture somehow: To be the one who helps, when help is needed.

It just so happens that many of our helper heros were already in Boston: They are Esmé’s tremendous doctors and nurses–as well as friends and family. Boston is the only place on Earth I feel truly safe with Esmé because it is where our Children’s Hospital is. Boston is our home away from home…a place we can breathe.

For this reason yesterday’s events have saddened and frightened me deeply. And for this reason, as I hear more and more stories about people opening their doors yesterday, racing to give blood after the marathon, running into rather than away from danger, I can say I am not surprised. Not at all surprised.

I’d like to say it is something about that place, some mixture of history and grit and pride and rebelliousness and learning and not pronouncing “r”s. But I’m biased.

Regardless, we love you Boston and Ezzy will be there to see you soon.

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